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We are caring professionals, passionate about helping you make informed choices
on accessible home products and empowering you to live independently.

Freedom Walk in Bathtub

Freedom Walk in Bathtubs are today’s premier walk in baths.
Freedom Bathtubs are easy to access and offer the soothing pleasure of bathing independently in your own personal step in bathtub.

Make your Freedom Walk in Bathtub a personal spa with the addition of Water Jets for deep muscle massage and/or Air Jets for a softer, more relaxing massage.

Freedom Shower Stall

Freedom Showers are designed for accessibility, allowing for comfortable and safe use for you and your family.

Freedom Accessible Showers are barrier free providing wheelchair access at home. Freedom ADA Showers meet commercial ADA standards for handicapped accessibility. Freedom Easy Step Showers, Shower Seats and Shower Accessories all make your bathroom easier to use.

Freedom Home Wheelchair Lift

Freedom Lift Systems deliver wheelchair accessible solutions for your home, school, and workplace, supporting a wide selection of applications.

Freedom Lift Systems make buildings more accessible. Wheelchair Platform Lifts and Kitchen Lift Systems improve accessibility and everyday living.

Make Your Home Accessible

10 Year Anniversary
Thousands of people across North America use innovative products from Accessibility Professionals to make their bathrooms, kitchens and homes easier to live in.

The Accessibility Professionals Team has helped many people and organizations transform their homes, workplaces and public facilities to be accessible to the disabled and anyone facing physical challenges.

We hope our home modification ideas help you to explore and make changes to your bathrooms and kitchen that allow you to live with dignity and to stay in your own home as you age.

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